personal training 


Whether you’re new to fitness or want to take your training to the next level, looking for support during or after pregnancy, want to lose weight, build muscle or simply feel healthier, I’ll personaIise a training programme to suit your goals. I’ll listen to your preferences and ensure our sessions are progressive, challenging, innovative and most importantly fun so you'll always leave feeling 10ft taller.


Pregnancy is wonderful, scary and exciting and a time where you want to look after yourself more than ever before. You are now caring for two of you and your body is going through all sorts of changes - a growing bump, an influx of weird and wonderful pregnancy hormones, softened ligaments, the list goes on. Suddenly training can seems a little overwhelming and it's only natural to feel uneasy and unsure of what to do. I will guide you through your training sessions ensuring that they are tailored to you and your pregnancy so that you remain active and strong up to childbirth. 


Finding time to exercise as a new mum becomes more and more difficult but I will be on hand to make it as easy as possible. By coming to your house we remove all the faff off travelling to and from the gym. I'm pretty great at multitasking and known to feed, cuddle and entertain babies while mummies train. Whether we have worked together during your pre-natal journey or your new to training with me, I will assess your body after pregnancy, and create a bespoke program that will help you feel both great and strong.


I am based in West London and can visit your home or we can train in a local park. I also train clients virtually via Zoom.

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